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Early 2017

As part of our on-going work with major high street food chains we were tasked with improving the access and ultimately the ducting cleaning standard of a new store within our portfolio.

Having carried out our initial survey and reported back our finding below. We estimated that only 44% of the duct work was accessible for cleaning.

Along with the report and pictures we also made our suggested remedial action to increase the access to a more acceptable 80%.

Following the planning and preparation phase Assured successfully installed enough access to improve the percentage to 80% and in doing so satisfied the owner and his insurers that the ducting system was now:

  • Accessible for a more thorough clean

  • Increased longevity of mechanical parts due to less grease build up

  • Now meets with the insurers requirements to help mitigate the fire risk

  • Enhanced working environment for kitchen staff

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Case Study Map